KPOA Pistol and Shotgun Events

In-Service Training Credit

Commissioned officers desiring in-service training credit for firing in KPOA competition will receive a form listing one hour credit for firing all three pistol events and an addition one hour for firing the shotgun matches. It will be the competitor's responsibility to submit the in-service training credits to KSCPOST.



Competition Course Video Demonstrations

Next Competition:

  • Saturday June 23, 2018 @ 10:00am
    Trigger Guard Range
    313 N Meridian Rd
    Wellington, KS

Changes to the KPOA firearms match

  • We are changing to an annual event
  • The Pistol match now consists of 5 all steel stages
  • The match will be held on the 4th Saturday in June at 10:00am   This year is 6/24/17
  • We are opening the match to civilians
  • Simplified the Team requirements
  • Awards will be Plaques and trophies only, no cash
  • Adding the KS CPOST course as a separate event for officers that need it
  • Invited vendors to set up displays and give away items
  • Hold a drawing at the end of the match to give away prizes
  • Added a shotgun course to the match
  • Lunch provided to all competitors

There are now two divisions; Law Enforcement and Civilian.  Each division will shoot the same courses of fire with the same rules.  At the end of the match the top shooter from each division will compete in a head to head shoot off to determine the best overall shooter and wil the Old Masters Award
By using tablets with Practiscore to register and score the match we will have results as soon as the last shooter is finished.  after the match we will hold an Awards Ceremony and present the awards to the top shooters.