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Corrections Officer, Geary County Sheriff's Office

Under the supervision of the jail shift lieutenant, the jailer takes care of the needs of the inmates in the Geary County Detention Center. The employee in this position is responsible for the safety, proper treatment, cleanliness, and basic care of inmates and the facility.

TYPE:  Full Time

SALARY:  $2507.00 Monthly


Experience: This is an entry-level position and prior experience is not required. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within six months in the position. Must be at least 21 year of age.

Education: High school diploma or GED required. Certification in first aid treatment and CPR will be required after hire. Successful completion and passing score on jail officer training course required within six months of employment. Successful completion of defensive tactics. Certified in range certification every six months. Bilingual is preferred in Spanish.

Skills: Ability to deal with inmate problems on a daily basis. Thorough knowledge of crisis intervention. Good interpersonal skills. Knowledge of cleaning and disinfecting solvents required for sanitation. The ability to make accurate judgments on sick slips and other prisoner requests. The ability to operate a video camera and related equipment, firearms, typewriter, calculator and other related equipment. Ability to calm down angry and upset individuals.

Problem Solving: Problem solving exists in dealing with emotional needs, special diets and medical needs of prisoners as well as resistant or combative prisoners.

Decision-Making: Decision-making is a factor in this position. Decisions include determining when to notify physician of medical or mental problems, asking for back-up in a crisis situation, and determining best way to handle emergency situations.

Accountability: Employee is responsible for prisoner’s money and possessions while in custody. Employee is not responsible for budgetary control of the department and does not have spending authority.


Go to gearycounty.org to apply

CLOSING DATE:  06/01/2017