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District Police Officer, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Police Department

Established in February 2014, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Police Department is a year-round, full-service police department responsible for the safety and security of the District’s students, staff and visitors. 

KCKPS Police Department officers are stationed in all high schools, middle schools and public libraries and respond to incidents at their assigned grade schools as well as other campus locations throughout the District. Officers maintain general safety and security, investigate truancy issues, and work traffic accidents within the Police Department’s jurisdictional boundaries.

In addition to response activities, the Police Department works proactively with school administrators to help carry-out effective fire, tornado and Standard Response Protocol drills throughout the year. Officers receive specialized training in the National Incident Management System and must attend a minimum of 40 hours of professional training annually to maintain their law enforcement certification.

As a School District Police Officer, your role will be to educate, mentor and build relationships with students, staff, and the community, develop partnerships with school district and community stakeholders, and to enforce district policies, local, and state laws.

• As a first responder the LEO must possess sufficient strength, endurance, and skill to provide direct services, first aid and emergency care to students and staff guided by administration and
the school nurse nursing process and in accordance with professional standards, school policy and procedures, and state and local mandates.
• Must be able perform to CPR and use an AED (if available)
• Report/support the school and/or Truancy Officer in investigating reports of Truancy
• Support the school in contacting students and parents of students who are chronically absent
and such other absent students as directed by the principal
• Contact parents or legal guardians to verify residence in the school district and/or attendance zone
• Patrol assigned buildings and grounds to prevent theft, vandalism and illegal entry
• Conduct routine inspection of doors, windows, and gates to determine that they are secure
• Confront and question alleged unauthorized persons in the school building or on school grounds
• Investigate and report all alleged violations of Local, State, and Federal law.
• Investigate and report alleged violations of school district rules and regulations and school code of conduct as requested by the school principal.
• Contact local police when/if needed for additional support and file such reports as are appropriate
• Provide security for extra-curricular activities which occur outside of the normal instructional day. Obtain additional officers to work activities when additional help is needed
• Attend school functions as directed by the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief or Sergeants making assignments.
• File all Offense Reports and related Incident Reports for all cases of criminal activity or misconduct in assigned schools, or within the district.
• Participate with other attendance, and security officers and LEO’s in district wide security efforts as directed by Chief of Police of designee.
• Must have transportation to travel to elementary schools to assist as necessary
• Must demonstrated customer-centric skills, greeting and handling of the parents, employees, students and visitors to the building, both adults and children
• Perform such other duties as may be requested by the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, Sergeants, Principals or other immediate supervisors in the general areas of attendance, security or pupil and staff services.

TYPE:  Full Time

SALARY:  Based on the Kansas City Kansas Public School Salary Scale.


High School Diploma or GED certificate
Verified successful experience in law enforcement 2 year minimum
Formal course work and/or training in law enforcement procedures
Have or eligible for law enforcement commission
Meet minimum health and fitness standards
Must be a least 5’2” in height (KSA 44-1110)
Must pass drug screening and alcohol test
Valid driver’s license and an automobile

• LEO Certification/Commission 
• Able to obtain certification in CPR. Certification as First Responder
• Officers must be eligible to obtain their law enforcement commission with the State of Kansas and upon being sworn in before the Board of Education, the officer will be officially a Kansas City
Kansas Public School District Police Officer.

OBTAINING AN APPLICATION:  Interested applicants should apply online at www.kckps.org and questions should be directed to HR at 913-627-2411

CLOSING DATE:  06/30/2019