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Police Officer, Lenexa Police Department

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a Police Officer for the City of Lenexa. The  Lenexa  Police  Department  hires highly  motivated  men  and  women  who  enjoy  working  with  the  public  and  delivering  a  professional  level  of  service.   Once you have completed the online questionnaire please check your e-mail for information regarding the application packet, the available testing dates and additional procedures.

We  are  an  agency  with  an  excellent  reputation  that  is  identified  as  a  nationwide  leader  in  the  law  enforcement  community.  We  strongly  believe  in  providing  opportunities  for  both  professional  and  personal  development  for  our  employees.  The  philosophy  of  our  agency  is  to  deliver  the  highest  level  of  service  to  the  community  while  taking  every  opportunity  to  conduct  intelligent  policing.  If  you  take  pride  in  your  work  and  believe  words  like  dedication,  commitment,  honor,  pride,  integrity  and  professionalism  still  have  meaning  then  we  encourage  you  to  apply  with  our  agency.

TYPE:  Full Time

SALARY:  Salary  range  is  $43,596  to  $50,805  annually  DOQ  with  an  excellent  benefits  and  retirement  package.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  QUALIFICATIONS:  Career-minded  candidates  must  be  21  years  of  age  at  time  of  application,  have  a  H.S.  diploma  or  GED,  be  a  U.S.  Citizen,  and  have  a  valid  driver’s  license.  APPLICANTS  MUST  BE  AVAILABLE  TO  WORK  ROTATING  SHIFTS,  INCLUDING  WEEKENDS  AND  HOLIDAYS.

The Lenexa Police Department will automatically disqualify any individual who:

    Has been convicted of a felony or any offense that would be constituted as a felony within the State of Kansas or the United States

    Has been convicted of or took part in the commission of a Class “A” or “B” misdemeanor within the past five years or been convicted of any crime of a sexual nature

    Has been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States Armed Forces

    Has had his / her state certification as a Law Enforcement Officer denied / revoked or suspended

    Falsified or lied about any information requested on a questionnaire or application as part of the hiring process

    Exhibited any conduct or a pattern of conduct that would tend to disrupt, diminish, or otherwise jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession
    ​Tattoos: Any tattoos which are visible while in uniform are considered automatic disqualifiers. Tattoos which can be covered by the normal wear of jewelry or by Department issued​ sleeve may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Tattoos of a non-medical nature on the face, neck head, fingers or hands will not be allowed. Tattoos of an obscene or offensive nature will not be allowed. ​

Drug/Alcohol Usage

    Has used marijuana within the past three years

    Has used any other illegal drug within the last five years

    Has an established pattern of prescription medication abuse

    Has an established pattern of alcohol abuse

Driving Record

    Has had a Driving Under the Influence conviction or diversion as an adult within the last five years or has shown a pattern of traffic law violations that indicate disrespect for traffic laws and disregard for public safety. Have three or more chargeable or at fault accidents within the past five years. Have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked within the past five years

    Does not possess a valid state driver’s license​​

Qualified  applicants  must  be  able  to  pass  a  physical  fitness  test,  written  aptitude  test,  polygraph,  psychological,  drug  and  physical  exams;  as  well  as  an  extensive  background  investigation  and  oral  interview  board.

OBTAINING AN APPLICATION:  TO  APPLY  for  the  above  position  please  complete  an on-line application/questionnaire at  https://workforcenow.adp.com/jobs/apply/posting.html?client=cityoflen&jobId=192150&lang=en_US&source=CC2 or visit our website at www.lenexa.com/jobs as  the  first  step  in  our  hiring  process.  Individuals  who  successfully  complete  this  questionnaire  will  be  contacted  by  e-mail  with  further  instructions.

CLOSING DATE:  12/31/2017