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Police Officer, Shawnee Police Department

Position Summary
The general purpose of the Police Officer position is to affirmatively promote a feeling of community safety and security through the safe, efficient, effective and lawful performance of law enforcement duties and functions.

We are currently taking applications for Certified Police Officer and uncertified Police Officers.  For salary information and requirements to apply as a Certified Police Officer, please check our the Police Department information page on the City of Shawnee website.

Position Responsibilities
Daily routines require taking calls for service, patrolling to deter and detect crime, investigating crimes and complaints, citing and arresting law violators, preparing and following up on reports and cases, protecting persons and property, and securing and protecting prisoners. When not responding to calls for service, the police officer is expected to use unassigned work time in an efficient manner by self-initiating work on those tasks identified by supervisory personnel as priorities for this job position.

Most correspondence will be done electronically.  It's a good idea to add noreply@governmentjobs.com to your address book to keep your notifications from going into you spam folder.
Do not leave any blank spaces. If a question does not apply, write "DNA" in the answer space. All information in this application is subject to verification. Any false, misleading, or incomplete information will result in your application being eliminated. Your ability to completely and honestly fill out this application is part of the process to determine your suitability for employment. If you intentionally leave out any information that you think might be detrimental to you obtaining a job such as past drug use, any incidents of theft or other crimes, it will automatically eliminate you from consideration for employment. The fact that you may have used drugs, committed theft or another illegal act will not automatically eliminate you, but the omission of it during the application process will. Once submitted, this application becomes the property of the City of Shawnee.

TYPE:  Full Time

SALARY:  Salary Range:
Police Officer I - $41,932 - $46,448 (First Two Years)
Police Officer II - $46,448 - $52,885 (Completion of 2 Years)
Police Officer III - $52,885 - $60,236 (Completion of 5 Years)
Police Officer IV - $60,236 - $68,586 (Completion of 8 Years)
Master Police Officer - $68,586 - $74,480 (Completion of 11 Years)

The City of Shawnee has a career development program. The criteria to move up to the next level is based on years of service and satisfactory performance evaluations.

Lateral Entries: Pay for Experience
Lateral entries for certified officers with road patrol experience will be awarded for a maximum of 5 years of completed service at the discretion of the Chief of Police. The pay rate will be established based on comparable wages with current Shawnee Police Officers. Starting pay rates for completed prior years of service will be up to $52,885 annually.

In addition, all certified officers hired are eligible for a $2000 bonus whether they have road patrol experience or not. $1000 of this bonus will be awarded after successful completion of the field training program, and the other $1000 will be awarded upon completion of the initial probationary year.

*To qualify as a certified officer in Kansas, one must have graduated from a Kansas police academy or an academy in another state where the training standards are accepted by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

**Patrol experience refers to patrol only. Experience in corrections, with railroad police, or other non-patrol duties will not suffice.


Minimum Qualifications
High School diploma or the equivalent
Must be 21 years of age by the date of employment
Valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record
Successful completion of oral interview by Staff and Police Chief
Successful completion of physical ability test, background investigation including a psychological evaluation, polygraph examination, post-offer employment physical and drug screen
Note: Kansas residency not required.
Supplemental Information

Automatic Exclusions include:
More than four (4) no contest/convictions of moving violations in the last three (3) years
No contest/conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol in the last three (3) years
No contest/conviction of driving under the influence of a controlled substance in the last three (3) years
Any illegal drug use within the past two (2) years
Tattoos must not be visible while in uniform


Apply online at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/cityofshawnee or in person at 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203.

CLOSING DATE:  Until Filled