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Police Officer, St Marys Police Department

The City of St. Marys has a population of appx 2,666 people, and is located in Pottawatomie County, KS.  The city rests on U024 Highway and K063 Highway.  We are a 24/7/365 Police Department.  We currently employ 5 Full-time officers which include a Chief of Police, Police Captain, and 3 Patrol Officers.  There are also several part time officers.  We are currently looking for a Full-Time Officer whom is already certified in the State of Kansas.  The position requires the potential of working afternoon, overnights, weekends, holidays.  We work a schedule of 4-10hr shifts.

Officers are expected to be proficient in all aspects of law enforcement.  As many cases are worked by the individual officers.  Cases ranging from traffic to felonies.  Officers will need to become familiar working with STO's, UPOC, and Kansas State Statute.

No current residency requirement.  However we are looking for someone whom lives in the area and can start on short notice.

TYPE:  Full Time

SALARY:  Starting pay begins at $16/hr; but can be negotiated dependent on experience.  Insurance is BCBS w/ additional coverage available for Dental and Eye


 HS Diploma
Current Certification with KSCPOST


Out of state certifications that are eligible for lateral transfer as deemed applicable by KLETC.

No Brady/Giglio Issues and/or certain misdemeanors/felonies

Applicants will have a thorough background check, fingerprint, and reference check.  Potential hires will also be responsible to complete a physical capacity test.  This test is paid for by the City of St. Marys and is conducted in Onaga, KS.


Please send emails to :smpdsm1@gmail.com
This is the easiest way to ensure you get an application: as someone may not always be in the office to distribute them in person.

CLOSING DATE:  Until Filled