PAY FOR TRAINING AND MEMBERSHIP ONLINE!  We are offering a convenient method to pay the $20.00 training/membership fee through Paypal.   You only need to pay this fee once a year to become a member and attend all KPOA District Training Events held throughout the year.

IMPORTANT!  When using this method, we ask that you also download, print and complete a membership application and submit it along with your PayPal receipt to the coordinator of the training event at check-in or you may mail both to the KPOA Secretary-Treasurer, P.O. Box 2592, Wichita, KS 67201.  This will ensure all of your information and beneficiary are properly recorded.  Paying your membership dues with this method does NOT reserve your slot for any advertised training.  You still need to reserve your slot using the instructions for the advertised training.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the KPOA.

KPOA Works for You

Remember, KPOA works for you for the betterment of all law enforcement.

When you maintain your membership on a paid basis, with new members being added month by month, we are making progress!  Our goal, of course, is 100 percent membership throughout Kansas.  By maintaining your annual membership, you help sustain the state's largest professional law enforcement association.  KPOA was founded in 1916 and continues today as an umbrella association representing all facets of the law enforcement profession.

Your annual membership dues of $20 provide all the items listed below, and much more.  Remember, KPOA works for you!


The Kansas Peace Officers Association:

  • Maintains a professional legislative liaison at Topeka during legislative sessions.

  • Maintains an active role in all legislation affecting law enforcement.

  • Assisted in passage of mandatory law enforcement training legislation.

  • Supported establishment of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

  • Supported sheriff's tenure.

  • Continually works to improve KPERS and KP&F retirement programs.


  • Free law enforcement training seminars

  • Up to five $1,000 college scholarships awarded each year to qualified dependents of KPOA members.

  • $500 death benefit, or

  • $1,000 death benefit if full-time officer at time of death, or

  • $2,000 death benefit if full-time officer killed in the line of duty

  • Semiannual conferences, which include KPOA business meetings, training, firearms competition, trap shoot, bull's eye, golf, social entertainment, and police supply vendors displaying modern law enforcement equipment

  • Committees of the KPOA are engaged in projects that will improve law enforcement and its delivery of services to the public on an ongoing basis, year after year.

Membership Categories

Active Members

    The following persons shall be eligible as Active Members: All police officers, sheriffs and deputies, town marshals, constables, prosecuting attorneys, coroners, judges of municipal, state and federal courts, enforcement agents of state and federal bureaus, wardens and correctional officers of state institutions, railway and express special agents and special officers, all military police agencies, executive staff and full time instructors of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, members of the police reserve, retired and pensioned officers holding active membership at the time of retirement or any full time employ of a law enforcement agency. Active Members may retain their membership when they leave the law enforcement field.

Supporting Members

    Any individual who supports financially the programs of the Kansas Police Officers' Association shall be eligible for selection as a Supporting Member. Supporting Members shall not hold office or vote, and shall not be eligible for death benefits.

Honorary Members

    The following persons shall be eligible as Honorary Members: Governors, members of the Kansas legislature, mayors, city/county managers, other persons of distinction outside the police profession, and outstanding members of the law enforcement in other states. Honorary members shall not hold office or vote, and shall not be eligible for death benefits.