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Corporal, Bonner Springs Police Department

07/21/2021 6:22 AM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

Performs intermediate protective service work directing the activities of a Police Patrol squad; conducting traffic and regulatory activities, detective investigations, and training. Work is performed under the limited supervision of the Sergeant.  Limited supervision is exercised over Patrol Officers.

Essential Functions 

Supervises and trains entry level officers; calls roll at the beginning of the shift; inspects appearance of Police Officers; plans, schedules, supervises, reviews, and evaluates work of subordinates; maintains attendance, leave, and other administrative records; assists Police Officers during investigations and at crime scenes; ensures applicable regulations and procedures are followed.

Performs patrol or investigative duties during a specific period in assigned police equipment; receives and responds to complaints and requests for Police assistance; responds to major police, fire, and accident calls; organizes personnel and equipment to respond to the scene of emergencies and disturbances.

Reviews and critiques departmental policies and procedures; evaluates and provides quality control of incident reports; drafts general and special orders, training bulletins, etc.

Conducts staff studies to determine personnel allocations, beat area distribution, and shift times.

Orders and/or restocks department supplies.

Participates in various public education and awareness or public relations events or programs.

Assumes the duties and responsibilities of a Police Sergeant, especially those on the street, during the Sergeant’s absence.

Performs other duties and activities as assigned.

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
 Thorough knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and local laws, firearms, law enforcement techniques, computer applications; working knowledge of chemicals for drug testing, and mathematics; excellent public relations, organizational, supervisory, verbal and written communication skills; ability to administer CPR, operate alcohol detection device, patrol vehicles, computers, firearms, radar and communications equipment, and other law enforcement equipment; ability to judge distances, to understand and anticipate problems, to enforce Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances, and to interpret written instructions, maps, manuals, and reports; ability to make minor repairs to patrol vehicles (check fluids, change bulbs and tires, etc.); ability and willingness to change shifts as acting supervisor in exigent situations; ability to testify credibly in a court of law and possess no Brady/Giglio material to impeach or impair credibility; ability to pass physical fitness standard established by the Bonner Springs Police Department; ability to demonstrate leadership, management, and technical skills through effective collaboration, team resources, progressive decision making, and personal responsibility; ability to be committed to the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the City of Bonner Springs; ability to obey and comply with all City ordinances and policies.


High school diploma or GED with some college coursework in law enforcement, criminal justice, and moderate experience in law enforcement, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Associates/Technical degree preferred.

Special Requirements

Must meet at minimum the essential functions and qualifications of Police Officer of the City of Bonner Springs. State Peace Officer's Standards and Training (KPOST) upon hire. Valid driver's license.

Miscellaneous Information

Bonner Springs Police Department Employment Automatic Disqualifiers: Employment at a law enforcement agency involves public trust. Only those individuals whose conduct, character, and behavior do not discredit either themselves or the Bonner Springs Police Department (BSPD) will be employed by the BSPD. The BSPD employment process will address the integrity, ethical conduct, honesty, prejudices, financial responsibility, and past conduct or behavior of all applicants. Generally, the following may be considered to be disqualifiers for employment. This list is not comprehensive in that other factors, alone or cumulative, may preclude employment with the BSPD: Any felony conviction, diversion, pending action, or arrest without disposition. Any sexually motivated crime or other offense requiring registration. Any crime involving violence within the last five (5) years. Any pending criminal charge for a violation that would otherwise be considered to be a disqualifier. Any crime related to domestic violence or stalking incident. Any perjury. Any theft, fraud, or crime of deception within the last five (5) years. Any official misconduct as defined in KSA 21-6002. Any criminal activity that is inconsistent with the ethical standards of the BSPD. Marijuana and unlawful use of prescription drugs: Any disclosure of abuse or recreational use within last five (5) years. Any drug violation other than marijuana or prescription drugs: Any disclosure of abuse or recreational use within the last ten (10) years. Any dishonorable discharge from the military. Any substantive criminal associations within the last five (5) years or while employed with a criminal justice agency. Any substantive and intentional failure to disclose information pertinent to the pre-employment background investigation. Any participation, membership, support, solicitation, or intentional contribution to any terrorist organization or any organization espousing any intent to overthrow the government. Any current status as a defendant to a restraining order, protection from abuse (PFA) order, or protection from stalking (PFS) order. Any documented or disclosed gambling problems within the last five (5) years. Any failure to comply with local, state, or federal tax requirement. Any permanent, chronic, or recurring physical or mental condition that would preclude the applicant from performing the essential duties of his or her position and for which there is no reasonable accommodation. Any disciplinary action pertaining to an issue of credibility [Brady/Giglio Material]. Any history of traffic violations that may put the driver's license of the candidate at risk of suspension or revocation. Other actions or omissions as determined by the Chief or his designee to be incompatible with the mission of the BSPD.

To apply visit:  https://bonnersprings.org/Jobs.aspx?UniqueId=95&From=All&CommunityJobs=False&JobID=Corporal-Police-90

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