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Part-Time Police Officer, Conway Springs Police Department

08/31/2021 8:37 PM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

Must be able to work weekends and holidays as needed

Under the supervision of the Chief of Police, the Police Officer is responsible for maintaining order, enforcing laws, ordinances and code, and protecting life and property within the limits of the city of Conway Springs. An employee in this position has substantial amount of public contact and is expected to act with firm and respectful decorum. Work assignments are prescribed in the state statues and local ordinances and are received from The Police Chief as tasked with confidential cases.  This is a confidential position. The Police Officer is a non-exempt position under FLSA. These positions require the officer to work nights, weekends, and holidays

Essential Functions 

  • Patrols city and issued summons, investigates accidents, apprehends and arrests suspects, and serves court’s legal process

  • Assists in investigations for both the City and the County as needed or assigned

  • Follows up on investigations occurring during the Police Officer’s shift for both the City and County

  • May meet other area law enforcement administrative/investigators, civic, school and business leaders.

  • Serves as a liaison for the department for the community, conducts investigations, works with the county attorney in preparing court cases, and searches for, collects, and identifies evidence at crime scenes

  • Arrests individuals who violate laws and ordinances, and appears in court as the arresting officer

  • Investigates and intervenes in domestic disputes

  • Operates and maintains all police equipment, including communication devices used to correspond with dispatchers

  • Attends all required continuing education classes

  • Guards/transports prisoners, conducts interviews of persons, ships/receives evidence, and directs traffic as necessary

  • Attends monthly staff meetings 

  • Serves as part of the Code Enforcement Team under the supervision of The Chief of Police

Marginal Functions

  • Assists Fire/EMS with crowd/traffic control, and patient loading 

  • Escorts funeral processions

  • Maintains a clean, presentable patrol vehicle, uniform and equipment

  • May be delegated Code Enforcement and Range Master duties as assigned by The Chief of Police

Skills and Expectations


 The Police Officer is required to have a minimum, a high school diploma/GED and successfully complete the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Program at the KLETAC. Additional educational training in the proper use of various law enforcement tools is helpful. A valid Kansas Driver’s License is required.


In addition to the minimum education requirements listed above, the employee must have strong knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, understand and practice current law enforcement techniques including, but not limited to: emergency vehicle operations, firearms proficiency, defense tactics, handcuff tactics, computers, mathematics, oral and written communication skills, the ability to operate a radar unit, patrol vehicle, communications equipment, weapons/firearms and all other related law enforcement equipment. 

Problem Solving

Frequent problem solving exists in this position.  Problems involve handling citizen complaints, civil disputes, reviewing cases, and meeting with the public must all be dealt with in an effective and professional manner. “Team” problem solving with other officers and supervisors is encouraged.

Decision Making

The decisions that the Police Officer makes are critical and must be made with the well being of the citizens and city in mind. Examples of such decisions include those related to the protection of life and property and ensuring that all decisions are made in a professional and ethical manner.


The Police Officer is responsible for city and departmental resources and equipment. The Police Officer is not authorized to make purchases on behalf of the department or self with expectation of reimbursement without prior approval and does not participate in the development of the department budget.  


The Police Officer exercises no supervision over the employees of the department. Conversely, The Chief of Police exercises little direct supervision over the Police Officer’s daily tasks. 

Personal Relations

Daily contact with other employees, particularly within the police department, the Mayor and other elected officials, and the public is expected within this position. 

Communication Requirements

The ability to express or exchange ideas in a professional manner by means of verbal/written/electronic communication within a timely manner is required with supervisor, other employees, public and elected officials. 

Physical Requirements

The ability to pass and maintain all physical activities and requirements of the KLETC is required.

Working Conditions

Almost all of the Police Officer’s work occurs outdoors, and as a result, adverse working conditions that exist within this position. Exposure to hazardous chemicals, explosives, excessive noise, and adverse weather conditions is expected. This position contains an element of risk to personal safety while performing the day-to-day duties. This employee is exposed to blood borne pathogens while investigating crime scenes, seizing and preserving evidence, and assisting ambulance crews. 

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered to successfully perform the job. The Chief of Police or City Council while in session reserves the right to amend job duties as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Salary: D.O.Q 


  • Must be a United States citizen

  • Must possess a valid Kansas driver's license

  • No felony convictions or disqualifying criminal history

  • Must pass background check and drug screen psychological evaluation

  • No Brady/Giglio issues

Please Send Resume to Chief Michael Roths at policechief@conwayspringsks.com

Or By mailing them to 

Chief Michael Roths

Conway Springs Police Department 

310 W Spring Ave.

P.O. Box 594

Conway Springs, Ks 67031

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