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Detention Deputy Lateral Transfer, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office

02/04/2023 3:04 PM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is now accepting lateral transfers for Detention Deputy.  Applicants must currently employed in Corrections/Detention.  Job functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviews arresting officer’s paperwork for completeness/accuracy; pat or strip searches inmates as necessary and required; inventories inmates’ clothing, personal property, and money; takes computerized fingerprints and digital mug shot for verification by local, State and Federal agencies.

  • Utilizes force and/or self-defense techniques to restrain disruptive or combative inmates.

  • Secures all exterior and security doors in facility by visually monitoring all movement of all people in the facility and controls movement utilizing screens and monitors in Master Control; controls all lights, alarms, elevators, and other override equipment; contacts outside agencies such as fire, EMS, etc. as needed.

  • Monitors inmates’ behavior and attitudes for signs of personality changes, depression, and developing conflicts between inmates; enforces the rules and guidelines for inmates which includes initiating disciplinary action when necessary; prepares and maintains records of inmates’ physical or mental problems; escorts clinic staff during the delivery of prescription and non-prescription medications. Prepare and maintain accurate log entries detailing the services and daily routine of an inmate.

  • Supervises movement in the facility; serves as first responder when there is a problem in a pod, fight, medical emergency, etc.; escorts inmates needing additional supervision or security; monitors radio traffic; supervises trustees in cleaning common areas and accounts for cleaning supplies used; conducts linen change in pod and assists Medical Staff when necessary.

  • Verifies inventory of inmates’ clothing, personal property, and money against written records; utilizes departmental guidelines to determine property items an inmate may take into housing and to determine proper items to be returned to the inmate upon release.

  • Maintains security of the clinic and the safety of the medical staff by monitoring all inmates coming into the clinic; conducts searches of the clinic and inmates entering and leaving the clinic for contraband.

  • Operate various technical equipment, monitoring and controlling activities of inmates and their visitors, including cameras, doors, elevators, showers, and fire escapes.

  • Supervises meal delivery, pick-up and tray return; removes trash from the facility; ensures inmates with special menus receive correct tray; notes inmates refusing meals.

  • Conducts inmate head counts; monitors activities of suicidal inmates, violent inmates; monitors inmates during visitation and recreation periods.

  • Ensures all inmates are accounted for at all times; prevents inmate escapes, introduction and/or passing of contraband and prevents the assault or injury of inmates and staff; ensures that each inmate receives their meals, clothing changes, mail, opportunity for exercise, etc., as set forth in departmental policy.

  • Prepares written reports on incidents occurring inside the facility which include the actions/use of necessary force by the deputies to be utilized in criminal prosecutions, defense against lawsuits, disciplinary procedures against inmates and for internal affairs investigations.

  • Prepares reports regarding operational problems such as defective equipment, suggestions for improving services, or hazardous conditions.

  • Logs visitation hours of inmates and ensures the safety of visitors to include attorneys and other professional visits. Monitor and manage the public lobby of the facility.

Starting Pay – $23.50 hourly ($51,935 yearly) to $28.56 hourly ($63,127 yearly) dependent on relevant experience

Paid Vacation, Sick leave, 13 paid holidays per year, Competitive Health Insurance, Shift Differential, All 

Equipment Provided.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • No record of criminal conviction, diversion, or expungement of any felony or crime of dishonesty, or the equivalent under the uniform code of military justice.

To apply go to Detention Deputy (sedgwickcounty.org)

For questions call or email Sgt. Jared Bloesing at 316-6603813 jared.bloesing@sedgwick.gov

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