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Commissioned Deputy Lateral Transfer, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office

02/04/2023 3:05 PM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is now accepting lateral transfers for Commissioned Deputy.  Job functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Patrol County routes, as well as, residential areas to provide a visible deterrent in uniform and in marked cars and to enforce traffic laws and protect life and property; monitors areas for signs of any criminal activity; patrols for suspicious persons or vehicles.

  • Detects intoxicated drivers and performs sobriety evaluation tests.

  • Checks buildings to ensure they are secured.

  • Responds to call for assistance and complaints of crimes; enforces state statutes by performing warrant, felony or misdemeanor arrests; directs traffic at crime scenes and assists stranded motorists.

  • Serves as first responder to provide aid and assistance to victims of automobile injury accidents; assists Fire and Emergency Medical Services at the scene of traffic accidents.

  • Secures and protects crime scenes by establishing boundaries, detaining suspects and witnesses, locating and identifying evidence and briefing supervisors/detectives on their arrival; performs traffic accident enforcement activities; interviews witnesses and collects, preserves, and packages evidence.

  • Work special assignments, such as search and rescue, natural disasters, and public vehicle accidents as directed by supervisor.

  • Investigates traffic, home, public and occupational accidents by recording measurements and diagrams, taking photographs and preparing reports concerning incidents.

  • Inspects roadways, bridges, traffic signs, and signals routinely; herding cattle and livestock off of roadways.

  • Enforces traffic laws through the issuance of traffic citations and warnings, and arresting individuals in violations of the law such as DUI, and speeding and traffic control device violations.

  • Conducts search and rescue operations for missing and overdue persons, motorists, and aircraft; assist in manhunts for dangerous criminals.

  • Serves criminal and traffic warrants on both felony and misdemeanor suspects; assists in guarding and transporting prisoners during hours that the warrant/prisoner escort section is not in operation.

  • Conducts inspections to monitor illegal activities and provides suggestions for crime prevention.

  • Maintains availability for court appearances and testimony; assists the District Attorney s Office in preparing presentation of testimony and/or evidence; responds to subpoenas by attending court trials and provides court testimonies as required; attends driver s license and mental health petition hearings.

  • Assists other emergency response agencies and County services such as EMS and Fire in emergency situations, may also assist the coroner’s office in the investigation of fatal accidents.

  • Assists the Investigations Division in gathering physical evidence, taking photographs and investigating various crime scenes; also assists in serving search warrants.

  • Assists the U.S. Air Force Security Police

  • Serves as weather watchers reporting damage and assisting in the tracking of severe weather.

Starting Pay – $23.50 hourly ($51,935 yearly) to $28.56 hourly ($63,127 yearly) dependent on relevant experience

Paid Vacation, Sick leave, 13 paid holidays per year, Competitive Health Insurance, Shift Differential, All 

Equipment Provided.

Job Standards:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent. Must be at least 21 years of age. Valid Kansas Driver’s License. Current State of Kansas Law Enforcement Certification. No record of criminal conviction, diversion, or expungement of any felony or crime of dishonesty, or the equivalent under the uniform code of military justice.

To apply go to Sheriff Deputy (sedgwickcounty.org)

For questions call or email Sgt. Jared Bloesing at 316-6603813 jared.bloesing@sedgwick.gov

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