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Part-Time Municipal Court Clerk, City of Eastborough

03/07/2023 5:53 AM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

The Court Clerk performs functions that enable court sessions to run in a smooth and efficient manner and is responsible for preparing court documents, processing citations and criminal complaints, maintaining files and records and assisting the public. The successful candidate will must be detail-oriented, function with a high degree of accuracy, and should possess excellent communication, organizational, clerical, public relation, and decision-making skills. This is a part-time position and must be able to work evenings to attend court sessions. 


  • Responds to inquiries from the public regarding fines, appearances, continuances, and Court procedures;
  • Prepares the docket for court and obtains proper records needed such as certified driving records;
  • Prepares the courtroom for court and ensures proper documents are available to the Judge, the Prosecutor and the defendant;
  • Attends all evening court sessions, maintains docket notes and assists Court Officers and Attorneys;
  • Prepares disposition sheets, records, and maintains records;
  • Prepares court documents, such as bench warrants and arrest warrants;
  • Responsible for court correspondence, including sending fail-to-appear letters and sends notices to victims when such notices are needed;
  • Court Clerk will be processing and mailing abstracts and required documents to the proper state office, such as driver’s license suspensions and reinstatements;
  • Sends certified copies of documents to other agencies at their request;   
  • Maintains payment schedules;
  • Works with Attorneys in scheduling trials and matters for disposition;
  • Ensures reports are sent to the proper state agency in a timely manner;
  • Files court cases;
  • Follows court policies and procedures;


Experience: Three years of similar or related experience is preferred, but not required. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within six months to one year of employment.

Education: A high school diploma or GED is required. College or training may be substituted for up to 2 years of experience.

Technical Skills: A working knowledge of accounting procedures and principles, computers, word processing, clerical skills, and mathematics is required. This employee must be able to operate computers, printers, photocopiers, telephone systems, and other department equipment. The ability to type with speed and accuracy, to complete tasks in the presence of distractions, to prepare reports, and to interpret written instructions, reports, files, and documents is required. This employee should possess excellent public relation, clerical, organizational, oral, and written communication skills. This employee must be detail-oriented and function with a high level of accuracy.

Problem Solving: Independent problem solving is involved in this position. This employee encounters problems with citizen complaints, warrants problems, and scheduling conflicts.

Decision Making: Independent decision-making is involved in this position. This employee makes instantaneous decisions about scheduling arrangements, setting trial dates and “matters pending” dates in the most efficient manner. The clerk must make many legal decisions in accordance with the Judge’s instructions.

Supervision: This position is subject to supervision from the City Clerk but does not have supervisory responsibilities over subordinate personnel.

Financial Accountability: This employee is responsible for court resources, is required to be bonded, but does not participate in the annual budget process.

Personal Relations: Daily contact with the public, co-workers, and supervisory personnel, is expected.

Working Conditions: No adverse working conditions exist within this position. Working in an office setting with a computer is the primary aspect of this position.

Physical Requirements: Physical activity associated with working in an office setting is required to perform the daily duties of this position.

Benefits: $18.90, personal and sick time acquired. 


  • Serves as back up for the City Clerk during vacations/absences.
  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.

*To start the application process please email your application request to cityclerk@eastborough-ks.gov

The position will remain open until filled. 

The City of Eastborough is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  

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