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Police Officer, Ottawa Police Department

04/29/2023 6:55 AM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

The Ottawa Police Department is seeking highly motivated applicants for the position of Police Officer who are committed to a long career with our Department. The men and women of the Department are guided by the following values: Service, Integrity, Tolerance, Dignity, Stewardship and Flexibility.

With an authorized strength of 30 officers serving a growing population of nearly 13,000 there is room for advancement. Positions include Detective, Drug Detective, DARE Instructor, School Resource Officer (SRO), Master Police Officer, STAR Team (Special Tactics and Rescue), K9 Handler and Community Police Officer. Officers are eligible to achieve the rank of Master Police Officer based on a combination of skill points and years of service. The pay range for Master Police Officer is $23.99 to $34.78. All specialty positions include a take-home vehicle.

To accomplish our goals the latest technology and police practices are used. The Department operates a modern weapons range as part of a comprehensive training program. The range has a rifle range up to 150 yards and is equipped for night shooting, moving targets, 25-foot platform tower and steel range. Each officer qualifies with the standard issue Glock 17 Gen. 5 handgun, AR-15 rifle (in each car), 37MM Less-Lethal munitions, Taser, and Bola Wrap. The Department has a fitness room in the Law Enforcement Center equipped with free weights, functional fitness equipment, treadmill, and mat area. Patrol schedule includes 12-hour shifts and two weekends off each month (4-day and 3-day).  Officers are issued all equipment, including boots. Beards, goatees, mustaches, and tattoos are allowed.

The Police Officer performs duties in the protection of life and property and the preservation of order in the City of Ottawa. The employee in this position responds to calls for service, enforces all traffic laws, performs case investigation, and performs various other law enforcement duties.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Listen to mobile and portable radios and respond to calls for police assistance from the general public, including emergency calls.
  • Patrol city streets for traffic violations and investigate motor vehicle accidents. Conduct traffic stops and write citations as necessary.
  • Enforce all criminal and related federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.
  • Investigate felony and misdemeanor crimes. Conduct interviews, collect evidence found at crime scenes, write reports, and assist with processing of crime scenes when needed.
  • Patrol business and residential areas of the city.
  • Identify and arrest violators of laws and ordinances. Apply for and serve court warrants as needed.
  • Appear and testify in court proceedings.

Ancillary Job Functions:

  • Prepare reports and maintain records.
  • Maintain and clean patrol vehicles.
  • Comply with all City ordinances and policies, as well as federal and state laws and ordinances.
  • Assist other departments and perform other related duties as assigned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicant must be a Kansas resident upon hire, 21 years of age at time of appointment and a U.S. citizen, possess a valid Kansas driver’s license upon appointment, and be insurable by the city’s insurance carrier.  Applicant must establish and maintain residency within Franklin County or within a driving distance of 35 miles of the Ottawa City Hall, AND within the state of Kansas within one year of hire.

Education and Experience: (Combination of education, training, and experience will be considered)

  • High school diploma or GED from an accredited institution.
  • KLETC police certification or ability to meet certification requirements after hire.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: (not all inclusive)

  • Thorough knowledge of criminal and related federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.
  • Interview and interrogation skills.
  • Ability to conduct crime scene investigations from start to finish with limited oversight.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to operate all policing emergency vehicles, communications equipment, firearms, and other related equipment.
  • Knowledge of photography and evidence collection techniques.
  • Ability to cooperate well with others and accept the lines of authority.
  • Public speaking skills for presentation of information in a court of law.
  • Considerable knowledge of department rules, regulations, safety policies, and procedures.
  • Ability to establish and maintain successful working relationships with other employees, City officials, businesses, and the public.
  • Ability to effectively organize and prioritize work as well as concentrate on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to work under general supervision and make responsible decisions.
  • Ability to use good judgment and think quickly and rationally in difficult or stressful situations.

Work Environment:

  • May be required to work in confined spaces, hazardous traffic conditions, or high/dangerous places.
  • May be exposed to wet/humid conditions, inclement outdoor weather, vibration, extreme temperatures, oils, airborne particles/fumes, moving mechanical parts, risk of electrical shock, potentially hazardous bodily fluids, or potentially hazardous or cancer-causing agents/chemicals.
  • May be required to wear a respirator in certain situations.

Physical Abilities: (Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions)

  • Must be able to sit, talk, hear, feel attributes of objects, grasp, push, stand, walk, drive, reach with hands/arms, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, climb, balance, operate mechanical equipment, and move up and down from/to sitting position on the floor.
  • Must be able to have repetitive wrist/hand/finger movement and manual dexterity.
  • Must have clarity of vision, three-dimensional vision, ability to identify and distinguish colors, and precise hand-eye coordination.
  • Must be able to occasionally lift 100 or more pounds.
  • Regular attendance is a necessary and essential function.

Starting Pay:  $22.61/hr. (normally scheduled for 2184 hours annually)

Hours:  Day Shift:  8 a.m.-8 p.m. Night Shift:  8 p.m-8 a.m.; 2 weekends off in a row (4-day/3-day)

Additional Starting Pay Incentives:

  1. 3% Honorable Military Discharge
  2. 2% Associate degree
  3. 4% Bachelor’s Degree
  4. 7% Master’s Degree
Professional Development Incentives Available:  As part of a professional development program, the Department offers additional pay incentives for certain positions and duties. These include:                               
  1. 2% increase for being a Field Training Officer.
  2. 2% increase for being an Assistant Shift Supervisor.
  3. 2% increase for assignments to Community Policing Unit, Investigations Unit, School Resource Officer, DARE Instructor, K9 Handler.
  4. 2% increase for bilingual officers.
  5. 5% increase for assignment to STAR Team
  6. 5% increase for designation as a Master Police Officer.

Lateral Transfer:  Certified officers with road patrol experience will be awarded service credit for years of completed service at the discretion of the Police Chief. The pay rate will be established based on comparable wages with current Ottawa Police Officers. Starting pay rates for completed prior years of service may be up to $23.99 hourly, or more, with discretion of the Police Chief. Lateral transfers may be exempt from physical agility testing if the employing agency has a similar agility standard in place, discretion is up to the Police Chief.

Applicants must successfully complete the following: written entrance exam, physical agility testing, and oral panel interview. Candidates recommended for hire will be required to successfully complete a pre-employment drug screen, polygraph, psychological, and physical exams. Candidates must meet licensing requirements set by KSCPOST and the Kansas Training Act.  NOTE- Police Officers certified by KS-CPOST are exempt from written testing.


  • No visible tattoos above the collar or on the head.
  • Convicted of, or admission to a felony or any offense that would be constituted as a felony within the State of Kansas or the United States.
  • Convicted of, or admission to, or diversion of a Class “A” or “B” misdemeanor or similar crime from another state within the past three (3) years or been convicted of any crime of a sexual nature.
  • Has been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States Armed Forces.
  • Has had state certification as a Law Enforcement Officer denied, revoked, or suspended.
  • Falsified or lied about any information requested on a questionnaire or application as part of the hiring process.
  • Exhibited any conduct or a pattern of conduct that would tend to disrupt, diminish, or otherwise jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession.
  • Have used marijuana or synthetic drugs within the past three (3) years.
  • Have used prescription medication illegally within the past three (3) years.
  • Have used any other illegal drug within the last five (5) years.
  • Have an established pattern of prescription medication abuse.
  • Have an established pattern of alcohol abuse. Have had a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction or diversion as an adult within the last five years or show a pattern of traffic law violations that indicate disrespect for traffic laws and disregard for public safety; or have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked within the past three (3) years.

Apply Online:   Apply online at

The City of Ottawa will drug screen all potential candidates being considered for hire.

E-Mail Confirmation:   After your application has been received by the City of Ottawa, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. Please check your SPAM filter or JUNK Mail.  If you have not received confirmation within 48 hours of submitting your application, please call 785-229-3634 to verify your application has been received.  For additional information, contact Human Resources at 785-229-3634 or e-mail humanresources@ottawaks.gov.

The City of Ottawa is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

The City of Ottawa is a nationally recognized Playful City USA community.

Closing Date:  Until Filled

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