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Deputy Sheriff, Shawnee County Sheriff's Office

11/23/2019 7:49 AM | Grover Piper (Administrator)

Job Description

(Important! To apply you must submit a Shawnee County application at www.snco.us/jobs. Only applications received through the County website will be considered.)


Position Description

Deputy (Patrol)




Under general supervision, this position serves the public through the preservation of peace, prevention of crime and disorder, protection of life and property, arrest of violators and the enforcement of court orders and criminal laws of the State of Kansas and the Home Rule Resolutions of the County of Shawnee. Specifically, this position performs duties of a law enforcement officer such as, but not limited to, traffic enforcement, preventative patrol, traffic accident investigation, community policing, serving criminal arrest warrants, serving civil process and investigating criminal activity. Performs other duties as required. This position is supervised by a Sergeant.


65% Patrol. Completes preventative patrol (looking for suspicious activity). Performs traffic duties (accident investigation, enforcement, etc.). Responds to calls for service (receiving reports).

10% Community Policing. Makes citizen contacts.

10% Paperwork. Completes daily run sheets, paper and computer reports, etc.

5% Shift Briefing. Attends roll call. Answers voice mail and e‑mail messages.

5% Service Of Court Orders/Warrants. Attempts and completes the service of court orders and warrants.

5% Special Assignment Duties. Completes FTO, K9, SWAT and training duties as needed.


Knowledge of:

· The Criminal Justice System and modern law enforcement principles and practices.

· The organization, regulations, procedures and functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

· Community policing.

· The geography of Shawnee County, its incorporated areas and road network.

Ability to:

· Perform all law enforcement duties of a Deputy Sheriff.

· Read, comprehend, interpret and apply Federal, State and County laws, resolutions, rules and regulations, procedures, policies and labor contracts.

· Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using the English language, with Sheriff’s Office personnel, other County personnel and the public.

· Understand and follow oral and written instructions.

· Use tact, diplomacy and good judgment in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with Sheriff’s Office personnel, other County personnel and the public.

· React quickly and correctly in emergencies.

· Work under distracting/high stress conditions, using logical reasoning, common sense and available resources.

· Complete multiple tasks at once.

· Operate a personal computer.

· Use and perform maintenance on firearms and other police equipment.

· Collect, accurately report, correlate and correctly disseminate information.

· Analyze problems and recommend solutions.

· Operate a police vehicle and emergency equipment in a variety of conditions.

· Complete all examinations and interviewing as directed by civil service requirements.

· Render credible testimony in court.

Skill in:

· The use and care of firearms and other police equipment.


·          Certified High School Transcripts or GED Certificate.

·          Certified College Transcripts (if applicable).

·          Military Form DD 214 (if applicable).

·          Must be twenty-one (21) years of age.

·          No felony or domestic violence convictions.

·          Valid Driver’s License.


·          Good health and height/weight proportional.

·          A Credit Report Disclosure and Consent form and Authorization for Release of Personal Information must be completed.

·          Required to pass a physical agility test and written exam.

·          Required to pass a background investigation, polygraph testing, pre-employment physical and drug screen.

·          Required to lift eighty (80) pounds.

·          Annual completion of forty (40) hour mandated law enforcement in‑service training.

This Position Description is not designed to list all tasks and responsibilities of this position. Shawnee County reserves the right to revise or change job duties as the need may arise. This Position Description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

(Important! To apply you must submit a Shawnee County application at www.snco.us/jobs. Only applications received through the County website will be considered.)

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $21.63 /hour

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