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Week 14 (May 7, 2021) Kansas Legislative Update

05/07/2021 11:00 PM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

This week was the last full week of the regular session typically used to override vetoes by the Governor and complete conference committee work. It also includes completing the budget and tax bills. They finished their work about 2:15 AM Saturday and will return for the final day on May 26.

The big item is the House passing House substitute for SB158, the medical marijuana bill 79-42. The bill now goes to the Senate where it was declared “substantially changed” which means it will now go to the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee for a hearing before being considered further by the Senate.

The following bills were signed by the Governor since my last report:

  • HB2208 with several mental health system advancements in communities.
  • HB2405 authorizing issuance of $500M in bonds to be placed in the KPERS funds for past missed payments by the state.
  • HB2196 authorizing local law enforcement agencies the option of assisting unemployed persons who have been victims of identity theft by verifying their identity when filing for benefits.
  • HB2390 on fraudulent liens.
  • HB2078 and HB2227 dealing with speedy trial issues.
  • HB2244 on Hemp, creating disposal processes and clarifying hemp products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.
  • HB2071 increasing penalties for stalking a minor.

The following bill was vetoed by the Governor but placed into law by veto override action:

  • SB158 on concealed carry reciprocity; allowing provisional permits for person ages 18 through 20; and creating a firearms rights restoration process for convicted felons.

The following topics we have worked on passed this week and will go to the Governor for consideration:

  • Our auto theft/attempt to elude bill. (SB60)
  • Our court ordered infectious disease bill. (HB2224)
  • Our amendments to allow additional sharing of information with prosecutors and law enforcement by the child death review board. (HB2158)
  • Allowing certain exceptions to limitations on persons in a foster home with prior felonies if the felonies were juvenile adjudications and the adjudicated person has been a resident in the home upon turning age 18. (HB2158) We supported this version after our opposition killed an earlier very broad provision to allow felons to reside in foster homes.
  • Amendments to the bill (not all of the amendments we wanted but improved the practicality of application) requiring observation of child abuse or neglect victims during investigations. (HB2158)  
  • Drug treatment options for those under diversion agreements. (HB2026)

The following topics also passed this week:

  • Removing the spousal exception for sexual battery. (SB60)
  • A new crime for sexual extortion. (SB60)
  • Closed Case Task Force extension and staff assistance. (HB2077)
  • Victim assistance and compensation expansion. (HB2077)
  • Kansas Fights Addiction Act. (HB2079)
  • Funding for Kansas Prescription Monitoring System. (HB2079)
  • Child Welfare oversight committee created. (HB2158)
  • Alcohol law amendments. (HB2137) Many amendments, most of little interest to law enforcement. Those of interest: Removing prohibition of a spouse of a LEO to hold a liquor license; allow clubs and drinking establishments to sell beer and CMB for off-premise consumption; allows class A clubs to serve alcohol at special events with permit; allows liquor stores to open as early as 9 AM on Sundays; clubs and drinking establishments may now sell and sever CMB; made the ability to serve alcohol a permanent allowed act.


New Bills Introduced this week:


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