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New Laws Effective April 29

04/29/2021 3:24 PM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

Two new bills went into effect on April 29, 2021, when they were published in the Kansas Register. One amends the current stalking statute, the second one amends the industrial hemp laws to bring them into compliance with the changing federal regulations and creates a process for law enforcement to be involved when illegal hemp that exceeds the 0.3% THC limit has to be destroyed..

House Bill 2071, concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to crimes against persons; increasing criminal penalties for stalking a minor
HB2071 adds a higher level of stalking penalty (SL 4 Person Felony) when a stalking victim is under the age of 14. It amends KSA 21-5427.

House Bill 2244, concerning industrial hemp; relating to the effective disposal thereof by the department of agriculture in coordination with state or local law enforcement; requiring industrial hemp processors to register with the state fire marshal; providing exemptions from regulations; allowing issuance of stop sale, use or removal orders
Provides for the Department of Agriculture to inform the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction when a hemp crop tests higher than 0.3% THC and for law enforcement and the Department of Ag to work together on the proper course and verification of destruction. It does not require law enforcement to do the destruction work, and if the grower fails to destroy it and the Dept. of Ag and/or law enforcement has to destroy it, the grower is responsible for the costs. See section 1 of the bill, which will be a new statute.

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