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New Driver's License Laws Effective May 6

05/06/2021 11:06 PM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

Senate Bill 127, concerning drivers’ licenses became effective on May 6 when published in the Kansas Register. A summary of the bill is available at this link.

The most relevant provisions in this bill for law enforcement is the extended renewal period for driver’s licenses and ID cards. The bill states a licensee whose driver’s license or nondriver’s identification card expired after March 12, 2020, and before March 31, 2021, has until June 30, 2021, to renew such license or identification card.

NOTE: There are no current COVID related extensions on license plate renewals.

Another provision changes some aspects of driver’s license suspensions for fail to pay fine or fail to appear.

  • Prior law included a requirement to extend the suspension for 90 days if the person was convicted of driving while suspended during the suspension period. This is removed only for suspensions if the person’s license was suspended for failure to comply with a traffic citation. It remains in effect for all other types of suspensions.
  • A person under certain suspensions, including fail to comply with a traffic citation, may apply for restricted driving privileges.
  • Concerning eligibility for restricted driving privileges for a person whose driver’s license expired while the license was suspended for failure to pay fines for traffic citations, the bill removes the requirement that the person has not previously received a stayed suspension as a result of a driving while suspended conviction.
  • The bill removes a nonrefundable $25 fee that current law requires to be submitted to the Division by an applicant for restricted driving privileges in lieu of suspension of driving privileges for failure to comply with a traffic citation.
  • The existing $100 reinstatement fee still applies.
  • The bill allows a person assessed a fine or court costs for a traffic citation to petition the court to waive all or a portion of the costs. The bill authorizes the court to waive or modify payments upon determining that paying the amount due would impose manifest hardship on the person or their immediate family.
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