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Return of Legislature to Wrap Up Session

05/20/2020 7:14 AM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

The legislature has held numerous committee meetings starting Tuesday, May 12. These were all centered around COVID-19 related issues. The committees on Commerce, Tax, Appropriations, and Judiciary have been active. On Tuesday, May 19, testimony was provided in the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding law enforcement concerns in the COVID-19 response. The testimony can be seen at this link.

While not included it in the written testimony, we also asked them to consider including the contents of SB491 in the bill they are drafting, or in the alternative to place it into a House Bill assigned to the committee so it could go to the House for consideration to concur. SB491 is the bill passed by the Senate to amend the statutes on court ordered testing for infectious diseases when first responders believe they may have been exposed by persons we arrest or have contact with.

The legislature will return for a quick wrap up of the session on May 21. They plan on a one day, but they have a great deal to do in that one day. The Senate has announced several committee meetings and conference committee meetings will occur prior to May 21. No dates announced yet. That work will primarily be for COVID related matters and potentially some budget and tax issues.

There is also a great deal of uncertainty about exactly what business they will take up when they return. There are a handful of must-do bills they need to address. Additional committee work and taking action on bills already passing committee are options. 

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