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Some thoughts about COVID-19

03/22/2020 12:36 PM | Paul Schliffke

KPOA Members,

As I write this, Kansans have joined others across the globe who are trying to avoid becoming sickened by COVID-19. We, as dedicated law enforcement officers continue to serve the public. It is the norm for us to place ourselves in harm’s way. Figuring out how to do so under these circumstances is uncharted waters.

Many of us, myself included, prefer in-person contacts and greetings with handshakes. I respectfully remind everyone something we learned early in our careers... if we become part of the problem, we can’t be part of the solution. We certainly don’t want to expose our families to this virus. The information about COVID-19 changes hourly. Be smart and take precautions to keep yourself healthy.

We should remember this is a stressful time for everyone. It is likely the number of disturbance calls will increase, along with juvenile calls since the schools are closed. Let’s do our jobs professionally and safely while treating others with empathy.

At this time, the conference is still scheduled for October 13 (business meeting in the afternoon) and October 14 and 15 (training) at the Bluemont Inn in Manhattan. I will not put our members’ health at risk. I reached out to the event coordinator and there is no financial penalty with the Inn for postponing or cancelling the conference. As this continues to unfold I will stay in contact with the executive officers to make the decision that best serves our members.

Thanks to each of you for what you do, and stay safe.


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