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"Co-operation and Justice"

Upcoming events

    • 05/06/2021
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CDT)
    • Child Advocacy Center 1211 S. Emporia Wichita KS, 67211

    Hosted by the Wichita Police Department

    As Law Enforcement Professionals, we want to be the best officer we can be, respected for the job  we do and accepted as an integral part of the organization.  

    Emotional Survival for the Female Enforcer focuses on overcoming the “24/7” demands that exist in  a career serving and protecting your community, home, and family. Managing those demands can  sometimes be the most difficult part of the job. You are not alone. 

    Designed to offer skills that can be easily and immediately put into practice, we begin this course by  identifying the reality of stress and its effect on our physical and emotional well-being both on and  off duty. Once identified, we educate students on the importance of Emotional Intelligence and its  role in understanding and managing key stressors that can lead to anxiety and burnout.  

    This seminar offers interactive discussions in managing personal relationships, embracing our Strong  Professional Presence, managing “Priority Guilt” and Transitioning from “Officer to Off-Duty”.  

    Our goal is to help female officers enjoy it all by harnessing their ability to turn obstacles into  opportunities for personal growth. Course topics include but are not limited to: 

    • Identifying Unique Stressors 
    • Emotional Intelligence 
    • Balancing Home and Career 
    • Burnout 
    • The Myth of the “Magic Switch” 
    • Depression, Addiction, Divorce, and Suicide 
    • Working in a Male-Dominated Field 
    • Self-Control and Managing Emotions 
    • Having It All, Doing It All, Being It All 
    • The “Right Now Is the Right Time” Mentality

    REGISTER ONLINE @ calibrepress.com 

    Single Registration: $179 

    Groups of 6+: $149 per person (use discount code ESFE30) 

    For more information or to register a larger group, please contact: Kelsey Arnold at (630) 730-2724 or kelsey@calibrepress.com 

    • 05/18/2021
    • 8:00 AM (CDT)
    • 05/20/2021
    • 3:00 PM (CDT)
    • Child Advocacy Center 1211 S. Emporia, Wichita KS, 67211

    Hosted by: Wichita Police Department

    Cost: 4 Day Combined   $600.00 per person,  GSA rates available for Federal Employees


    • Interpret verbal and non-verbal behavior to assess the credibility of the information provided by the victim, witness or suspect during the investigative interview
    • How to use behavior provoking questions in the interview process

    REGISTER by sending an email with attendees name to KRhea@reid.com

    Register NOW for special pricing!  Register before April 18, 2021 and receive $50 per person off the regular price  (Does Not Apply to GSA Rates)

    • 05/20/2021
    • 8:30 AM (CDT)
    • 05/21/2021
    • 12:30 PM (CDT)
    • Virtual

    AWR 232 is an 8-hour, DHS/FEMA-certified, tuition-free, awareness-level course. The goal of this course is to teach participants the basics of mass fatality response while providing opportunities to exchange rural perceptions and brainstorm solutions to simulated emergencies.

    Responding to a mass fatality incident, which includes the recovery, identifications, and reunification of the deceased, is one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response. In times of crisis, small, rural, and tribal communities are often ill-equipped with facilities to manage large numbers of casualties. When the time comes, communities must be prepared to use available resources to properly manage the remains that will result.

    Regardless of the agencies or organizations that respond, whether they be governmental agencies or private or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the responsibility to coordinate and manage these outside resources rests with local authorities

    Topics include (but not limited to):

    • Define mass fatality and possible scenarios
    • Identify methods of obtaining Federal resources.
    • Identify issues to be considered in mass fatality response planning.
    • Explain the importance of mass fatality response planning.
    • Identify potential resources that should be included in a response plan.

    Who Should Attend:

    • Coroner/Medical Examiners
    • Emergency Management Personnel
    • All First Responders
    • Public Health Officials
    • Community Stakeholders
    • Citizen/Community Volunteers
    • Funeral Service Providers
    • Hospital Staff

    The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC) now offers virtual, instructor-led training opportunities using Zoom for Government. This new training modality offers a secure, encrypted environment so that emergency responders can train virtually anywhere.

    This 8-hour course will be presented over two consecutive days. Each day will consist of one 4-hour training session. Participants are required to use their own computer, tablet, or smartphone during the course. Each participant should log in a few minutes early to test the audio and/or video connection. While downloading the latest Zoom client app is beneficial, it's not required.

    Registration is required through the RDPC website. Register for this course by visiting the following link: www.ruraltraining.org

    Registration Deadline:  May 18, 2021 @ 5:00 PM

    Participants are required to register no later than 24 hours in advance. A minimum of 20 registrations must be received to ensure the class will be held. FEMA S.I.D. REQUIRED. Register for your FEMA Student Identification Number by visiting https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid

    Sponsoring Agency:  Cherokee, Oklahoma Police Department

Past events

04/20/2021 “Reimagining Police Recruiting and Retention: The Wichita Police Department Experience”
10/13/2020 KPOA Annual Conference - CANCELLED
07/07/2020 Managing the Property & Evidence Room For Small to Mid-Size Agencies
04/27/2020 Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation
04/27/2020 FBI-LEEDA's 29th Annual Executive Education Conference
04/23/2020 Deceptive Behaviors & Hidden Compartments - Street Cop Training
03/17/2020 Active Shooter Response Training
03/03/2020 Standardized Field Sobriety Test Class
02/13/2020 DRE Inservice - For currently certified DREs only
02/04/2020 SFST Refresher Class
02/04/2020 SFST Refresher Class
01/28/2020 Joint Legislative Reception
01/28/2020 KPOA Legislative Meeting and Joint Legislative Conference
01/23/2020 Drug Identification and Field Testing Certification
01/22/2020 Drug Identification and Field Testing Certification
01/22/2020 Winning The Battle
01/21/2020 Drug Identification and Field Testing Certification
01/13/2020 KBI Basic SWAT School
11/26/2019 Kansas Anti-Human Trafficking Training: A Multidisciplinary Focused Approach
11/21/2019 Gold Shield: Mass Shootings
11/12/2019 Kansas Anti-Human Trafficking Training: A Multidisciplinary Focused Approach
11/07/2019 Drug Identification and Field Testing Certification
11/06/2019 Drug Identification and Field Testing Certification
10/31/2019 Kansas Anti-Human Trafficking Training: A Multidisciplinary Focused Approach
10/30/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
10/30/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
10/30/2019 Kansas Anti-Human Trafficking Training: A Multidisciplinary Focused Approach
10/30/2019 KIA Conference and Training
10/25/2019 First Responder Safety, Health and Wellness Symposium
10/21/2019 Burden of Command Training
10/21/2019 Basic Crisis Negotiation Training
10/21/2019 14th Annual Impaired Driving Conference
10/11/2019 "Technology Takes the Wheel" seminar on autonomous/self-driving vehicles
10/11/2019 Kansas Anti-Human Trafficking Training: A Multidisciplinary Focused Approach
10/08/2019 Al Thimmesch Retirement Reception
10/08/2019 KPOA General Meeting and Fall Training Conference
10/07/2019 No One Fights Alone - Officer Resiliance and Self-Care
09/23/2019 Tactical Narcotics Debriefing
09/18/2019 Kansas Asset Forfeiture and E-citation Reporting
09/17/2019 The Living Forensic Evaluation of Gunshot Wounds
09/15/2019 Kansas Concerns of Police Survivors 10th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament
08/28/2019 Trauma Response for the Justice System
08/27/2019 Opioid Use Disorders, Substance Abuse and Addiction in Law Enforcement
08/27/2019 Trauma Response for the Justice System
08/19/2019 Media & Public Relations
08/19/2019 Peer Support & Critical Incident Debrief Training
08/08/2019 Kansas Law Enforcement Industrial Hemp Field Day
08/01/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
07/28/2019 B.R.A.K.E.S Teen Advanced Driver Training
07/28/2019 B.R.A.K.E.S Teen Advanced Driver Training
07/27/2019 B.R.A.K.E.S Teen Advanced Driver Training
07/27/2019 B.R.A.K.E.S Teen Advanced Driver Training
07/26/2019 Courthouse Security - FREE TRAINING TO KPOA MEMBERS
07/26/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
07/25/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
07/19/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
07/18/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
07/12/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
07/11/2019 Legal and Legislative Updates
06/25/2019 Building Resilience – Surviving Secondary Trauma - FREE TRAINING TO KPOA MEMBERS
06/24/2019 SWAT Tactics for Patrol Officers - FREE TRAINING TO KPOA MEMBERS
06/08/2019 KPOA Annual Firearms Competition
06/02/2019 2019 KCJIS User Conference
05/15/2019 Cellular Telephone Investigations and Video Preservation for the Street Officer
05/13/2019 Basic Drug Investigator Course - Garden City
05/03/2019 37th Annual Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial
04/15/2019 Basic Drug Investigator Course - Topeka
03/04/2019 KNOA Training Conference
02/06/2019 Kansas Opioid Summit
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