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"Co-operation and Justice"

Past Presidents

On September 13, 1935, the Kansas Peace Officers Association and the Kansas Police Association merged to form the present KPOA.  This is covered by Section 10 of the old KPOA bylaws.  The parent organization was active as early as 1921 when W.T. Clark, former sheriff of Reno County, served as president.  A newspaper clipping covering his death in 1934 stated that he was the first president of the Kansas Peace Officers Association.  We do not have a complete record of the presidents between that time and 1931.

1931:  Walter Ford, Sheriff, Morton County

1932:  C.E. Grover, Sheriff, Sedgwick County

1933:  J.A. Jackson, Sheriff, Unknown County

1934:  Dean Rogers, Sheriff, Shawnee County

1935:  Bert H. Salyers, Chief, Hutchinson

1936:  Lou P. Richter, Sheriff, Marion County

1937:  J.Q. Anderson, Chief, Lawrence

1938:  Joe Baumel, Sheriff, Sedgwick County 

1939:  Lew White, former Chief, Hutchinson

1940:  Elmer H. Holt, Sheriff, Sumner County

1941:  E..M. Olson, former Chief, Dodge City

1942:  Guy Ankerholz, Sheriff, Reno County

1943:  Same Knight, former Chief, Coffeyville

1944:  Paul R. Shanahan, Sheriff, Saline County

1945:  E.W. Kaul, former Chief, Topeka

1946:  Ellsworth Edwards, Sheriff, Wyandotte County

1947:  W.F. Troutman, Chief, Independence

1948:  Ira B. Frantz, Sheriff, Pratt County

1949:  B.M. Wolf, Chief, Junction City

1950:  Elmer Kneebone, Sheriff, Crawford County

1951:  George Shepherd, former Chief, Wichita

1952:  Al Locke, Sheriff, Lyon County

1953:  Elie Dahlin, Assistant Chief, Kansas City

1954:  Ty Lockett, Sheriff, Sedgwick County

1955:  R.B. Price, former Chief, Wichita

1956:  Norman Williams, Sheriff, Johnson County

1957:  John Howell, Assistant Chief, Salina

1958:  Art F. Adams, Special Agent, Frisco Railroad

1959:  Charles Prowse, Wichita Police Department

1960:  Lynn Thomas, Sheriff, Johnson County

1961:  Ralph Smith, Chief, Liberal

1962:  Ed Dunkel, Kansas Highway Patrol

1963:  L.O. Fraipont, Wichita Police Department

1964:  Logan Sanford, Director, KBI

1965:  C.E. Patterson, Chief, Newton

1966:  Vern Miller, Sheriff, Sedgwick County

1967:  Floyd B. Hannon, Wichita Police Department

1968:  Allen Rush, Kansas Highway Patrol

1969:  LaVern Townsend, Chief, Great Bend

1970:  Harold Nye, Director, KBI

1971:  John Franse, Chief, Olathe

1972:  Tony Bendel, Kansas Highway Patrol

1973:  Bob Adams, Chief, Hutchinson

1974:  Al Gariglietti, Sheriff, Crawford County

1975:  Jack Summerville, Wichita Police Department

1976:  Jack Williams, KBI

1977:  Bob Morrissey, Chief, Liberal

1978:  R.W. Peckenschneider, Kansas Highway Patrol

1979:  Fred Howard, Chief, Topeka

1980:  John Darr, Sheriff, Sedgwick County

1981: Dan Schmidt, Chief, Hays

1982:  Ed Boswell, Union Pacific Railroad Police

1983:  Steve Shaffer, Chief, Augusta

1984:  Tony Marceau, Director of Safety, Coleman

1985:  Richard LaMunyon, Chief, Wichita

1986:  John Daily, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office

1987:  Jim Huff, Salina Police Department

1988:  Robert Schumaker, AT&SF Railroad Police

1989:  Delbert Fowler, Chief, Derby

1990:  George Schureman, KBI

1991:  Bll Rice, Chief, Arkansas City

1992:  Ed Pavey, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office

1993:  Cliff Hacker, Sheriff, Lyon County

1994:  Larry Mahan, Kansas Highway Patrol

1995:  Jim Daily, Sheriff, Barton County

1996:  Dave Mayfield, Kansas Highway Patrol

1997:  Doug Peck, Kansas Highway Patrol

1998:  Frank Denning, Chief, Roeland Park

1999:  Ronald Gould, KLETC

2000:  Dana Kyle, Riley County

2001:  Chuck Rummery, Wichita State University Police Department

2002:  Dave Burger, Lenexa Police Department

2003:  Wiley Kerr, KBI

2004:  Tim Cronin, Ottawa Police Department

2005:  Daryl Reece, Johnson County Sheriff's Office

2006:  Kevin Cavanaugh, Johnson County Sheriff's Office

2007:  John Green, KLETC

2008:  Bruce Mellor, KBI

2009:  Larry Thomas, KBI

2010:  Steve Holmes, Pratt Police Department

2011:  Steve Culp, KS-CPOST

2012:  Keith Rather, Department of Wildlife and Parks

2013:  Darin Beck, KLETC

2014:  Richard Powell, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office

2015:  Herman Jones, Sheriff, Shawnee County

2016:  Bill Edwards, Chief, Eudora

2017:  Doug Younger, KBI

2018:  Stu Hite, Director, Pittsburg State University Police & Parking Services

2019:  Sherri Moore, KBI

2020:  Paul Schliffke, Wamego Police Department

2021:  Joby Harrison, KBI (elected in 2020, served two-terms)

2023:  Amy Osburn, KLETC

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