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Requiem for a Hero

05/06/2020 10:29 PM | Anonymous member

Even though law enforcement officers write for a living, sometimes translating emotions into words is difficult. For some situations, written words will never be adequate. But they are the only way to document an event.

On May 3, 2020, Overland Park Police Officer Mike Mosher was murdered while upholding his commitment to the citizens of Kansas. It wasn’t just a passing, it wasn’t just a death, it was a murder. This at a tremendous cost to Officer Mosher’s wife Corinne, daughter Tyler, his family, friends and fellow officers. 

Officer Mosher’s legacy is apparent. In his KACP Gold Award for Valor. In being Officer of the Year for 2019. In serving, during his career, as a School Resource Officer, as a Community Oriented Police Officer, as a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team, as a Field Training Officer, and as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Kansas Lodge 21. And in the faces of Overland Park’s finest.

One of the few comforts is the fact because Officer Mosher took the action he did, he may have saved the life of a well-meaning citizen witness by preventing them from following the suspect after the crash. His actions may have saved the life of an officer following up on a hit and run crash.

Words are insufficient. The best I can offer… To Officer Mosher’s family, friends, and Overland Park Police, God Bless You and know KPOA stands with you.

Paul Schliffke

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