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Short and sweet and thanks

10/14/2020 1:30 AM | Anonymous member

I started to write this final post several times and even completed a final draft. But nothing read quite right. So, from the heart...

I want to thank KPOA members for the opportunity to be your President during one of the most challenging times in history to be in law enforcement. Law enforcement professionals deserve to have a voice and having over 3000 members trust me to be that voice is humbling. My late father had a handwritten card posted next to his desk. It read "Work as though everything depends on you and Pray as though everything depends on God." I thought about that note a lot this year.

I am grateful to the KPOA Chief Executive Officers who will take over within the next day or so. I am grateful to Jeff Piper, our KPOA Administrator who is invaluable to our Association and to Ed Klumpp as our Legislative Liaison who is a great facilitator. I am grateful to Chief Baker and my co-workers at Wamego PD for their support. And I am grateful to my family as well for their support.

The KPOA continues to be in good hands.

Stay safe,

Paul Schliffke

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