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"Co-operation and Justice"


  • 11/08/2023
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Levenue Hall, 109 W Main St., Valley Center, KS

The Unmasking Hidden Facial Expressions Course was designed to provide law enforcement with the tools to perform an aspect of policing that is severely lacking: Recognizing different types of facial expressions. Course content is based on scientific research that has been around for decades but unfortunately has been slow in making its way into the law enforcement community. This course will teach officers how to articulate the elements of the 7 universal emotions in the face and how to a recognize them when they occur in micro-facial and subtle facial expressions. Facial expression movements will be explained in a manner that is not only understandable but also will ensure that the officer attending is engaged. Attendees will learn how to recognize facial expressions that flash on the face between 1/25th and 1⁄2 second. During this class the officer will be instructed on emotions, the facial expressions themselves and how knowledge of the facial expressions can be used to assist in evaluating truthfulness and detecting deception. 

This course has been designed for everyone in law enforcement, as it has been taken by patrol officers, agents, investigators, conservation officers, sheriff’s officers, arson investigators, detectives and other LEOs on the local, state, and federal levels with various job titles and job descriptions. 

The instructor, Sean Grogan, is a former special investigations detective that spent his career with the Woodbridge, N.J. Police Department. In addition to spending the majority of his career in the narcotics unit as a detective, he was also a K-9 handler and gang investigator. He has conducted countless narcotics investigations and has assisted numerous agencies with various types of investigations. As a narcotics detective he utilized many confidential informants and executed a variety of search warrants resulting in numerous arrests and narcotics and currency seizures. 

Sean Grogan has completed extensive training in Europe on micro-facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal communication which he was able to utilize during his career in law enforcement during countless interviews. He also earned his trainer’s certification from the Body Language Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. Due to Sean’s skills and experience, he was recruited by Joe Navarro’s Body Language Academy, for which, he provides mentor services. 

Hosted By: Valley Center Police Department


Cost:  $225

To register, visit https://www.streetcoptraining.com/event/unmasking-facial-expressions-20/

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