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Membership Benefits

So what does membership in the KPOA gain you?

A Voice in Topeka:  

The Kansas Peace Officers Association:

  • Maintains a professional Legislative Liaison at Topeka during legislative sessions.
  • Maintains an active role in all legislation affecting law enforcement.
  • Assisted in passage of mandatory law enforcement training legislation.
  • Supported establishment of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.
  • Supported sheriff's tenure.
  • Continually works to improve KPERS and KP&F retirement programs.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Coverage:

The Association covers all Active (including Retirees), Life and Sr. Life Members with Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance which includes:

  • $2,500 Accidental Death benefit - business or pleasure.
  • $2,500 Line of Duty benefit - will pay in addition to the Accidental Death benefit when killed while performing law enforcement duties.
  • $2,500 Felonious Assault benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death and Line of Duty Benefits when loss of life results from use of force equivalent to a felony under the jurisdiction in which the line of duty accident occurred.

Additional Benefits are paid when a member is involved in an accident that directly results in one of the following losses:

► Loss of speech $1,250

► Loss of hearing (both ears) $1,250

► Reattachment of hand or foot $1,250

► Loss of hands or feet $2,500

► Loss of hand or foot $1,250

► Loss of thumb and index finger of same hand $625

► Loss of sight, both eyes $2,500

► Loss of sight, one eye $1,250

► Quadriplegia $2,500

► Paraplegia $1,875

► Hemiplegia $1,250

► Uniplegia $625

► Seat Belt benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if killed as a result of an automobile accident while properly utilizing a seat belt, as             evidenced by a police report. $2,500

► Occupant Protection Device benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if killed as a result of an automobile accident while protected by a       properly deployed air bag. This benefit is only paid if the Seat Belt benefit is payable. $2,500

► Common Carrier benefit in addition to the Accidental Death Benefit if killed while riding on a qualified land, air, or water transportation.  $2,500



► Line of Duty Accidental Death:
     ► $2,500 Accidental Death +
     ► $2,500 Line of Duty
          ► Total Benefit:  $5,000        

Line of Duty/Felonious Assault:
     ► $2,500 Accidental Death +
     ► $2,500 Line of Duty +
     ► $2,500 Felonious Assault
          ► Total Benefit:  $7,500

Line of Duty/Vehicular Death:
     ► $2,500 Accidental Death +
     ► $2,500 Line of Duty +
     ► $2,500 Seat Belt +
     ► $2,500 Occupant Protection
          ► Total Benefit:  $10,000


► Accidental Death:
     ► $2,500 Accidental Death 

Vehicular Accident Death:
     ► $2,500 Accidental Death +
     ► $2,500 Seat Belt +
     ► $2,500 Occupant Protection

The Kansas Peace Officers Association (KPOA) shall pay a maximum $500 death benefit to active retired members who retired prior to January 1, 2021 and who were in good standing without any lapse in membership at the time of their death.
IMPORTANT:  It is important that you, as an eligible member, provide the association with a completed and signed Beneficiary Form.  This form, with your signature, is required to ensure your chosen beneficiary receives your benefits.   The form may be scanned and returned via e-mail to kpoa@kpoa.org or by mail to KPOA, P.O. Box 2592, Wichita, KS 67201. 

The opportunity to network with over 3,000 other members and law enforcement professionals throughout the state.

The KPOA is only as strong as our membership base.  We are the largest association of Kansas Peace Officers in the state representing officers of all ranks from the line officer through the agency head.  We are always looking for new members to continue the long standing traditions of excellence in Kansas Law Enforcement and pave the way forward for the next generation of officers.  We hope you consider joining today.

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