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Membership Benefits

So what does membership in the KPOA gain you?

First, a Voice in Topeka:  

The Kansas Peace Officers Association:

  • Maintains a professional legislative liaison at Topeka during legislative sessions.
  • Maintains an active role in all legislation affecting law enforcement.
  • Assisted in passage of mandatory law enforcement training legislation.
  • Supported establishment of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.
  • Supported sheriff's tenure.
  • Continually works to improve KPERS and KP&F retirement programs.

Second, Benefits:

  • Free law enforcement training seminars
  • The opportunity for your dependent to apply for a $1,000 college scholarship. 
  • A minimum $500 death benefit, or
    • $1,000 death benefit if full-time officer at time of death, or
    • $2,000 death benefit if full-time officer killed in the line of duty
  • And coming in 2020, added accidental death & dismemberment coverage

Third, the opportunity to network with over 3,000 other members and law enforcement professionals throughout the state.

The KPOA is only as strong as our membership base.  We are the largest association of Kansas Peace Officers in the state representing officers of all ranks from the line officer through the agency head.  We are always looking for new members to continue the long standing traditions of excellence in Kansas Law Enforcement and pave the way forward for the next generation of officers.  We hope you consider joining today.

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