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Now Taking Registrations for Our 2018 Fall Conference

October 16-18 in Lawrence, Kansas

KPOA President Stu Hite

Stu Hite I’d like to introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me. My name is Stu Hite, I’ve been in KS Law Enforcement for 29 years now and just recently took over as the director of the Pittsburg State University Police Department after an enjoyable career with the Crawford County Sheriff's Office. 

It is a true honor and privilege to serve as your President for 2017-18. One of the executive board’s goals this year is to make sure we can better communicate with our membership, some 3400 members! To do this is no small task. We are in the process of collecting email addresses from all of you. We are doing this by asking you to include your email with your paid dues notice that went out in early November. The other way is to work with KLETC, who have graciously agreed to send out an email blast to the Kansas LEO’s they have in their database. This method is still being discussed and refined but I hope you will simply be able to opt in by clicking on a KPOA email link. I urge all of you to please make sure and do one of these methods. It is imperative in this day and age that we have instant communication with each other.

Our next goal is to keep and grow our membership numbers. There are over 7,000 LEO’s in KS. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have each one belong to KPOA? This is truly your Association. We all belong to many different groups and associations as we advance through our careers, but KPOA is the ONE Association that everyone in Law Enforcement can belong to and call their own.

We try hard every year to keep dues costs down and $20 is pretty reasonable whether it is paid for individually or by department. One of our biggest benefits to our members is our ability to have professional representation in Topeka when the Legislature is in session. Ed Klumpp has tirelessly represented our profession for many years in matters that affect each of us and the jobs we are entrusted to do by our citizens each and every day. We also offer death benefits to members as well as awarding scholarship to college students with ties to law enforcement and KPOA membership each year, through a highly competitive process by the applicants.

And finally, training.  We are currently planning our 2018 KPOA Fall Conference and would welcome ideas for training and/or speakers if you can get them to us ASAP.

Thank all of you for all that you do to keep Kansas safe. Please be safe and ever vigilant while your out there doing your jobs. And remember to make time for your families when you aren’t on the clock, don’t forget the ones that should matter the most in your lives. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with many of you over the next year.